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128i STX Build Thread

So last week I was bored and reading the April fast track I decided it was time to waste some money and get out of DS. I decided that I would jump up to STX and see how well I can hang with the other RWD coupes on street tires.

I just threw on an aFe sealed intake (air box) and will be ordering my suspension on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

The website says I gained 15hp from the air box and I choose to believe it

I will be ordering the Bilstein B12 Kit which includes a set of Monotube shocks valved for Eibach ProKit springs. I know I should order coilovers but the ones I would want are $1200 more than this kit, and I would rather spend that money elsewhere on the car. This is also my daily driver and I don't want to damage my spine over every bump like I did in the EVO.

I am also looking at a few different camber/caster plate options. I am either looking at the TMS camber plates, or the Vorshlag Camber/Caster plates if they are available for the Eibach spring size.

I am up in the air about the doing the M3 front sway bar. From what I understand just the front bar will make the car push though the sweepers but with an aggressive alignment it might give me the turn in I am looking for. I will have to see.

I am also planning on sending the ECM out to TMS to have it tuned. They are the only place I have seen that has a tune for the N51.

The RS3's should be burned off fairly early in the season and I have been looking longingly at the new Dunlop ZII.

The diff is out of the question for this year due to the welded ring gear, but hopefully next year if I don't do something stupid like buy a house. There is a company in California that supposedly does all the machine work to separate the ring gear from the carrier and will install either a Quaife or OS Giken but that is still big bucks and the car would be down for a while. Long story short an LSD would run me about $4k.

I am looking forward to hearing your input. (jeff & clark)

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