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Originally Posted by illinipo View Post
Currently working with the host. This one may take a bit longer than the past downtimes. Figure 1-2 days while we determine the way forward.
Another mass email shut down?
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Originally Posted by Emanuel View Post
Another mass email shut down?
Yes, but we are aiming to solve it for good this time.
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Ok Matt you may be bored at work but spending time Dos attacking the host is not nice. hehe
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We are back up and running. If you still get the suspended notice, empty your browser cache and try again.

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I haven't registered yet but I'll be there. The racecar is currently under surgery with a complete front end rebuild so it'll be a great opportunity to break in new bushings and new r-comps out there.
VTEC: Its a torque management system.
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anyone need a co driver or tire warmer?
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i hope to make it again this year. we will see.
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I'm in, I'll give first gear a workout
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I need the 255/50/16 Z214 tire for this event. 26" tall!
Originally Posted by jleez View Post
It's always better to do more fun shit in a day than to do less fun shit.
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Weather forcast is 90!!!!!!!!!!!
Because race car....
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