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Originally Posted by TomD View Post
Clark, that's my plan if you want to caravan up there. I like to keep a good pace, and usually stop in Des Moines to get 93 oct gas and a bite to eat.
Originally Posted by autoxr2 View Post
I plan to head out early Sunday morning also, but I have to stop every couple of hours to give my back a stretch ! Damn old age. See you all Sunday !
I'll touch base a few days prior to the weekend to figure out if we can convoy at a mutually agreeable time. Probably need to find a meet up point on the west side of Peoria. I'm good with stopping for 93 in Des Moines although my info say Sam's Club has 93 in Lincoln. Stopping every 3 hours is ok for my wife as long as you can keep that Miata rainbow warrior rolling at 80 mph during the drive stretches.
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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Hey Gang, I talked to Tom and we're in row 17. We'll have lots of space so look for familiar faces when you roll up and get situated. For you guys/gals towing, they have a special area for storing trailers on site. If you're able to bring an EZ-UP and a way of securing it down please do so.
To go along with this, there will be an RV parked on the west end of our area. That's where we'll set up our EZ-Up's.
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I will be heading out Tuesday AM after getting kids on the bus and to daycare. So....anticipate being on the road from North side of Peoria around 9am.

Look forward to catching the early crew for possible dinner Tuesday night and hearing how the day went.
- Ray

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Tom we will get their late mon.afternoon we have a new EZ up to add with the others save us a spot thanks. Cathy Robert and me
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Anybody goimg to be out there for the prosolo finale? I am dropping my car and trailer off on friday and heading to colorado. Will be back tuesday afternoon.
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