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Road to Lincoln 2013

Ha-ha I started this years thread! (Too soon?)

I know the offseason is still months away but it's never too soon to lay out commitments. Surely everyone who went this year is already planning next year.

I missed this year but am committing to attending in 2013.
My goal is to be field filler in Dmod in the MG. I still have (Quite) a bit of work to do on the car over winter and as soon as the garage is done that work will begin.

I would definitely consider taking on a co-driver (First dibs to people who have helped on the Car/garage). Id like to pick up some steamroller slicks for the car sometime next summer in preparation for nationals. Im not planning to or expecting to be competitive but I want to go, have fun, and get some more nationals experience and see how the car shakes out.

What are you plans? I know this is 1 month earlier than the 2011 thread and 2 months earlier than 2012 but oh well.
Rotary engined MG Midget DMod car in progress.
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Don't have any plans yet. Need to see how the daddy thing plays out. If I get permission to go I might co-drive somebody's car or do the RTR thing with the RX8.

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gary p
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Probably going back for some more punishment in RTA. If so, some equipment shortcomings will be addressed (6-year old stock struts replaced with something worthy, 235 or 245 tires instead of 215s, an exhaust that actually registers higher on the db-meter than a Tesla).
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It's looking like I'll campaign the Mazda3 in RTF again next year on Tour and also at Nats. I never got a run in last week where I crossed the finish and said to myself, "hell yeah I really nailed that run." I think a top 3 finish was definitely achievable in RTF the way the car sits. Just need to drive it better
Originally Posted by jleez View Post
It's always better to do more fun shit in a day than to do less fun shit.
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I plan to go next year...will see how things shape up.
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Agent XY
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In for next year hopefully competitively in the 8.
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I doubt I will go, but I reckon l will be watching and wishing ITT anyway
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i'll hopefully be a P1 in the SIUE school of pharmacy during nationals...which means i won't be able to go i'd love to snag a codrive in a competative car...like Justin Barbry's FSP Protege (very very similar car to mine, but with a lot more prep). but i don't think nationals is in the cards for 4 more years. not that i'd do any better than DFL, anyway.
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Skid Marx
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STF, RTF (Mini),RTA (Gary's Rex),STS (Kia's Piniata),FSP or GP (Renault Leaker),A-MOD (Big Blue Van)
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I am definitely going next year! FS!
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