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Learn me: Lap recording software/hardware

I want to record basic lap data. GPS tracing and video with upgrade ability. The problem is I'm an idiot with software/hardware for this.

What is the best software or App. What do I need to get good GPS data? I'd like something that I can interface with my phone or tablet. I like the videos that I've seen some of you post and want to do the same.
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Harry's Laptimer will record GPS, G-forces, some OBD data and allow you to overlay it on video.

You can use your phone's internal GPS receiver but an external GPS receiver (with better precision and faster update rate) will give you much better data.

You can use your phone's built-in camera but will probably have better results from a WiFi-enabled GoPro. Some WiFi-enabled Sony cameras also work and are noticeably cheaper but JVB and I haven't been impressed with ours (Harry's sometimes doesn't trigger the camera). Also, with a GoPro, Harry's can import the video and overlay it automatically but with the Sonys you have to go in do it manually after the fact.

I've never used Harry's for autocross (only trackdays) but I know others that do. You can tell it a start and finish so it can automatically start and end recording. Harry's has an extensive list of road tracks built in and ready for use.
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I agree with with what jason said. The sony camera is a PITA... but it saves you ~$300.

I have not had good results using harry's at autoX and I would credit that to my lack of external GPS. The more stuff you try to add to harry's the more time you spend screwing with it before you go on track. My phone only connected to the BT adapter for 1 of the two session yesterday. I didn't check before I left the pits. I just assumed it was connected because everything was on.

Camera starting is also hit or miss with the sony camera and harry's. They didn't line up very well, if the camera even started at all. I just start the recording and sync it up later. Once you sync one lap of the session with the full video from the session it will line everything up.

Harry's is a bit $$$ if you want to use the external devices ($40 or $50 if I remember correctly), but the cheapest one ($9) will allow you to mount your camera on your windshield and overlay internal phone sensor data (GPS, accelerometer, etc) over the video recorded by your phone. If you watch the video I posted from yesterday you can see the GPS speed is a bit glitchy. My other videos from Autobahn that have the rpm and coolant temp overlay were using vehicle sensor data sent to the phone via BT adapter. I assume your car doesn't' have an OBD connector though.

Solo Storm is what a bunch of hardcore autoX guys use... but the software alone is $200. I'm sure it's awesome... but I bought the full Harry's, camera, and suction mount for about that.
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