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Kid's birthday party is that weekend, so I'm out.

Josh and I talked about making it out for the autox school/TNT in April. That all depends on his car status and all that.
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I already registered for both days. The car should be whole new animal. I'm waiting to get the call from Fall-Line that the corner balance and alignment are finished.
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I'm looking forward to this with much anticipation, but my attendance is weather dependent. And I'll probably not have my brakes done yet (the beauty of street class). So don't stand in front of my car.
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Originally Posted by Emanuel View Post
Who's ready for it?
Well it looks like my car , WE ARE INNNN.
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I'm working a bunch right now (72 hr weeks). If someone has a co-drive available, I'm in, but I have no time to get the car ready.

Happy to help with any development - car or driver.
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Hope to make it Sunday. My daughters first Bday party is Saturday.
Question about the helmet rules. My helmet was manufactured 8/2006 and has a M2005 Snell certification. Can I use this helmet for CCSCC events or do I need to get a new one?

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The rule says that the current (2015) and the two previous (2010,2005) Snell certifications are acceptable to use. So yes you can still use your helmet. Last year was the last year for Snell 2000, because of some certification issues with SNELL 2010 helmets and newer ratings have therefore also been delayed.
The rules also allow certain European certifications (would have to look them up right now) and our new loaner helmets have that, since it is hard to find SNELL 2015 rated open face helmets for a reasonable price.

Looking forward to seeing you again.
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I was just at the bell store this week - forgot to look for a/x helmets but I'll go back next week
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Bump....not the top addd but close enough.
- Ray

CIR SCCA Member - schedule
CCSCC Member - schedule
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Bump for possible co-drive.
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